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Dear Clients,


We hope you are all staying safe as the well-being of our clients and their pets is our primary concern. Everyone should now know what they should be doing to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, and we need you to be following this advice to keep well for you and your pets. They need you to stay healthy to look after them, and you also need them to help you stay sane in the challenging weeks and months ahead.


We also need you to help keep us safe, to reduce the risk of us becoming unwell and unable to look after your pets. So please stay at home and keep your animals safe. Don't put them at any unnecessary risk as the availability of veterinary care is likely to be limited for some time. All vet clinics, emergency and referral services are under significant pressure. Only come to the vets with prior arrangement and follow all the instructions provided.


To minimise the risk of needing veterinary care, please be sensible and consider the following:


Whatever species you keep, don't change their diet or offer them treats or chews that might cause a stomach upset. Be careful what you let them chew or play with, don't give them anything that they could swallow and cause a blockage in their stomach or intestine.


Don't give your dog bones, antler chews or nylabones that can break their teeth or damage their mouth. If it's too hard to press your thumbnail into, it's too hard to give your dog. There are much safer options.


Keep your pets safe from poisoning.

Don't let dogs eat chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions etc. Remember some plants and flowers can be toxic to cats.

Make sure your pet cannot access chemicals or human medications and don't give them any medications unless this has been discussed with a vet.


Consider keeping cats indoors to reduce the chance of them fighting, getting injured in road accidents and to prevent them picking up parasites or infections.


Keep dogs on a lead when out, prevent them from straying, fighting and injuring themselves. Avoid walking dogs in areas where they could get cut paws, pick up ticks or where their allergies might flare up.


Routine booster vaccinations will be postponed for the time being, but the immunity does not suddenly stop. Vaccinations should continue to protect for at least few months after the booster is due and we can minimise the risk of infectious disease by reducing walks and contact with other dogs, wildlife and livestock. We can advise you on the vaccination status of your pet.


Routine parasite treatments are not considered urgent prescriptions. If you have been regularly using preventative treatments you will have significantly reduced the risk of parasites and missing one dose should have a minimal effect. However you should take precautions to reduce the risk of your pet picking up parasites by keeping them clean, being careful where they go, and minimising contact with other animals. Be careful if using over-the-counter parasite treatments or products bought online as they may not be appropriate, safe or effective for your pet. Please call us if you have any concerns about this.


While we all have to remain at home and minimise going outside we need to consider the effect on our pets' mental well-being and their weight, as well as our own! So do not over-feed your animal, keep them active and prevent them getting bored and frustrated. Play with them, use interactive games, puzzle feeders, do some training exercises, try to teach them new tricks. We will be looking out to see which pets have stayed nice and slim, and who has learned something new, once we get back to normal.


Keep in touch with each other, use social media, share pet pictures and support your friends and family even when you have to keep apart. We aim to remain open to provide advice and necessary treatments and to see urgent and emergency cases. Please phone the clinic directly for any advice or if your pet is unwell as we are running with a reduced staff and will not be able to reply directly to Facebook posts.



Keep Safe,


The Ardmory Vet Clinic Team

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